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Message From: Ryan   |   Email Address:
I recently have asked the lord to help me get off all the pain killers I was on for my back and a miracle has happened. It's been 35 days since I've last Took one and due to me doing this I wasn't able to work and it wasn't all easy I've been praying multiple times a day for guidance and he gave me a recovering addict that's been clean 15yrs and he's been helping me everyday deal with the way I feel and helping me get motivated to find a job. I'm finally feeling btr and have an interview tomorrow but haven't been able to eat much bc I wasn't able to provide for myself as I went through this. I can't wait to start going to this church I live right down the road and plan on attending every Sunday from now on. Thank u
Posted 12/06/2015

Message From: Bev Walsh Polmanteer   |   Email Address:
I love visiting your site and seeing that some of the dear people that Alan & I knew are still there as are their children and grandchildren. It warms my heart to see the growth of the church, a testament to the Love of God by all of you. If I could see one thing added on this site that would please me it would be a Memorial Page. A list, possibly with pictures, of members who have gone to be with the Lord. You could even charge a small fee to have the information of a loved one added to this particular page. I certainly would participate! Living over 2000 miles away I miss my "home" church very much and pray for you always.
Posted 04/24/2015

Message From: Trish Dean   |   Email Address:
Greetings from sunny but cold Alabama! Looking forward to being home the end of May 2014 for a short visit. A former member of BBC, Larke Beverwyk, lost her oldest brother to a heart attack recently. If anyone remember Larke and would be willing to minister to her, she is at Brookcrest Nursing Home in Grandville.
Posted 01/06/2014

Message From: Missy   |   Email Address:
Thank you for all you do, to serve God, and help people,you are truly a blessing. Missy
Posted 06/25/2013

Message From: Kristen Kelling   |   Email Address:
Hello. I know I attend this church, but I didn't even know this was here.
Posted 02/01/2013

Message From: Sara S   |   Email Address:
Hey, guys this website is cool It deafinitly gives more info on every thing :)
Posted 10/25/2009

Message From: Jason Silverthorne   |   Email Address:
I like the new website makeover and the podcast feed. Nice job!
Posted 07/05/2009

Message From: Renee   |   Email Address:
Everything is so easy to navigate. I like it!
Posted 06/09/2009