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07/26/2015Pastor Jeff Gunderman "Examine Yourself"
1 Corinthians 11:17-34
Download July_26_2015_AM.mp3
07/26/2015Pastor Jeff Gunderman "Obedient"
Sunday Night 1 Samuel 15
Download Jul_26_2015_6_21_49_PM.mp3
07/19/2015Pastor Jeff Gunderman "Failure to Follow"
Sunday Night 1 Samuel 13-14
Download Jul_19_2015_6_20_48_PM.mp3
07/19/2015Pastor Jeff Gunderman "Finishing Well"
2 Timothy 4:6-22
Download July_19_2015_AM.mp3
07/12/2015Pastor Jeff Gunderman "A 21st Century Church: Our Mission"
2 Timothy 4
Download July_12_2015_AM.mp3
07/05/2015Pastor Jeff Gunderman "A 21st Century Church: Authority"
Sunday Morning 2 Timothy 3
Download July_5_2015_AM.mp3

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