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03/29/2015Pastor Jeff Gunderman "Fickle, False and Feeble Faith
Sunday Morning Mark 11
Download March_29_2015_AM.mp3
03/22/2015Pastor Jeff Gunderman "Involved"
Sunday Morning John 13
Download March_22_2015_AM.mp3
03/15/2015Pastor Jeff Gunderman "A Reputation for Discernment"
Sunday Morning Matthew 26:1-19
Download March_15_2015_AM.mp3
03/08/2015 Missions Conference Sun AM
Sunday Morning
Download March_08_2015_AM.mp3
03/08/2015 Missions Conference Sunday PM
Sunday Night
Download March_08_2015_PM.mp3
03/01/2015Pastor Jeff Gunderman Berlin Core Values: Building Godly Families
Sunday Morning Deuteronomy 6
Download Mar_01_2015_AM.mp3

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